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  1. Nice. You may also agree that the material conditions underlying the manipulation have evolved, let us say “progressed,” certainly since the Conservative Restoration of 1980, but further back too, perhaps to the bad decision to conduct genocide in Southeast Asia. That was a crime that split the nation, a split that persists.

    Those conditions, anyhow–call them the material reality of neoliberalism — moved many out of the ‘labor force’ and abandoned lots of us (aux Etats Unis surement) to the war of each-against-each. And schooling at every level has helped.

    I marched in DC with a shirt that said: “Ban billionaires” on the front and “When billionaires are outlawed only outlaws will have billionaires.” None of my fellow marchers made any comment.

    In the meantime, the machinery works hard to ensure that the center not hold. Tell ya what though, one is heartened by the worldwide revulsion. This is, in the US, very different from ’65-75. I’m not at all hopeful, but things are going to happen anyway.

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